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Long Arm Quilting Estimation

HOW IT WORKS:  At Rockin' Bobbins we use the exact size of your quilt and the density of the quilt stitch you want, to calculate the cost.  We have a $75.00 minimum to stitch a quilt on our machine.

Follow the steps below to determine an approximate price to long arm your quilt.  

To place an order or if you have questions, please contact us at 248-245-4391.  

To download a quick pricing guide, click HERE.

Step 1: Beam-Arm Pricing

Your first step is to determine which size category your quilt fits in.  To do this, measure the length and width of your quilt top, in inches.  There are five categories to choose from (if your quilt falls between 2 categories, round up to the next size):

(1) Crib/Lap     45" x 60"

(2) Twin           67" x 94"

(3) Full             82" x 94"

(4) Queen        88" x 100"

(5) King          104" x 100"

Next is determining the pattern density for your quilt.  If you haven't already, check out our Stitch Patterns to look at the patterns we offer.  Then, use the table below and pick which pattern density you want for your quilt.  Hints for picking the right density for you: light density has greater spacing between pattern repeats which makes it good for simple designs, medium density is a bit more complex and tighter than light which makes it the most common choice, high density is very complex stitching and is most suitable for wall hangings.

If you are providing your own batting SKIP DOWN to Step 3.  If you are providing your own batting and backing fabric SKIP DOWN to Step 4.  If you would like to choose from our vast selection of batting and backing options, then CONTINUE ON to Step 2

Step 2: Pick Your Batting

Next, pick your batting option.  If you are providing your own batting, SKIP THIS STEP and move on to Step 3 (if you provide your own batting, we ask that the batting you provide is 5-6 inches larger that your quilt top on each side to accommodate our frames and ensure the best sew down experience).


Step 3: Pick Your Backing Fabric

If you are providing your own backing fabric, SKIP THIS STEP and move on to Step 4 (IMPORTANT: the backing you provide must be at least 5-6 inches larger than the quilt top on each side of the quilt).  

If you would like to purchase a backing fabric from us, click HERE to view our large gallery of wide backing fabrics.  Approximate pricing for backing fabric is listed in the table below by fabric price per yard.

Step 4: Additional Services

This final step provides information and pricing on the optional services and additional charges that may be applied:

Binding -- $0.35 per linear inch + cost of binding fabric

If you provide the binding, we can bind your quilt for you. Minimum charge of $65.00.

Pressing/Ironing (beyond normal touch-ups) -- $15.00

You should press your backing and your quilt top prior to giving it to us.  We will do touch-ups free of charge, but if excessive ironing is required you will be charged this extra fee.

Un-Pining/Un-Basting -- varies

Your quilt should come to us free of pins and should not be basted. If we have to un-pin or un-baste your quilt top, there will be an additional charge.

Centering of backs to tops – typically between $10-$35.00 (depending on the degree of difficulty).

Trim excess after long arm service – typically between $12-$28 (depends on size).

Estimated Total

Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 3 + Step 4 = Estimated Total

*Prices Subject to Change*